Research Projects

Research Projects
Research Projects

TitleResearcher(s)Funding Source
ESG Integration in Investment Portfolio Analysis
(2021, ongoing)
Louis T. W. CHENGResearch donation
Mindfulness and Job Crafting: A Diary Study
(2021, ongoing)
Noel WONG and
Seedcorn-SBUS- 202101&202102
Communication Strategy in Loyalty Programme Management
(2021, ongoing)
Morgan YANGSeedcorn-SBUS- 202103
The CEO Pay Ratio: UK Evidence (1/1/2022-31/12/2023)Lisa GOHUGC/FDS14/B04/21
How Do Companies Adapt to Extreme Weather? Evidence from Corporate Uses of Internal Cash Flow (1/1/2022-31/12/2023)Kaz Wing-chun KWOK UGC/FDS14/B13/21
Auditing During the COVID-19 Panemic (1/1/2022-31/12/2023)Belinda Ling-Na YAUUGC/FDS14/B03/21
Establishing a Research Infrastructure for ESG Intelligence: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective (1/1/2022-31/12/2024)Louis T. W. CHENGUGC/IDS(R)14/21
Engaging Consumers with Social Media Influencers: A Stereotyping Perspective (2122, ongoing)Man Lai CHEUNGSeedcorn-SBUS- 212201
ESG Rating Divergence and Stock Price Crash Risk
(2122, withdrawn)
Alvin ANGSeedcorn-SBUS- 212202
Moving with the Times: Technology Adoption by Service Professionals (2122, ongoing)Crystal WUSeedcorn-SBUS- 212203
Platform Design and Electronic Word-of-Mouth
Adaptability: A Construal Level Perspective (2122, ongoing)
Sunny CHANSeedcorn-SBUS- 212204
A phenomenological study of mindfulness as a pathway toward socially responsible behaviour (2122, Ongoing)Liane LEESeedcorn-SBUS- 212205
Feedback Strategy for Motivating Loyalty Program Members in the Digital Era: The Role of Progress Framing (1/1/2023 – 30/6/2025)Xin YANGUGC/FDS14/B08/22
How do Team Insiders Respond to Newcomer Voice? A Mutual Influence Perspective of Newcomer Entry on Team Innovation (1/1/2023 – 31/12/2024)Amy Yamei WANGUGC/FDS14/B10/22
What Really Matters in Achieving Team and Individual Innovative Performance in Different Cultures: Innovation Leadership, Creative Collective and Self-Efficacy, and Initiative Climate (1/1/2023 – 30/6/2025)Hao KONG UGC/FDS14/B12/22
Does Sharing the Same Auditor with Listed Affiliated Firms Affect IPO Audit Quality? An Analysis at the Audit Firm and Partner Levels (1/1/2023 – 31/12/2024)Weiyin ZHANG UGC/FDS14/B17/22
Advertising Innovative Products Across Cultures: The Manifestation of Innovativeness Cues and Their Relative Impact (1/1/2023 –
Fong-yee CHANUGC/FDS14/H19/22