2018 WRDS Training Workshop

Research Institute for Business (RIB) held an Introductory WRDS Training Workshop on 4 Oct 2018. Students from different disciplines have participated in the workshops.

Our Research Assistant, Ms Sara Lam, has introduced various functions available on the WRDS platform to the students and demonstrated how to retrieve relevant data from the WRDS database by submitting queries. Afterwards, students were provided with opportunity to further enhance their learning by completing several exercises with the assistance from our staff.

At the end of the workshop, students took the initiative to ask questions about the data retrieved by queries with different options to gain a better understanding of how to find the right data. Students were engaged deeply throughout the workshop and gave positive feedback on the hands-on experience that was found to be useful for their learning.

For information about WRDS database, please visit our website here.



Students was deeply engaged in the training workshop.


RIB staff introduced WRDS database to students