Symposium on Business Ethics and Culture 2018

The Symposium on Business Ethics and Cultures, jointly organized by the Research Institute for Business and the Institute for Chinese Language and Culture, was held on 7 and 8 June 2018.

In the opening remarks, Professor Simon S M Ho, President, and Professor Alex K Y Cheung, Head of the Department of Chinese, expressed their gratitude to all the speakers and guests who are relentlessly contributing to the research development of business ethics and accepted the invitation to the Symposium. It was an honour to have sixteen, individual or groups, of renowned scholars from local and overseas presenting their research.

Three keynote speakers, Professor C K Chen (Former Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taiwan), Professor P K Ip (Former Distinguished Professor, Graduate Institute of Philosophy, the National Central University, Taiwan) and Professor Alex K Y Cheung unfolded the rewarding discussions of the essence of business ethics that is rooted in the rich and board soil of Eastern history and traditional cultures.

Other guests including Professor Li Lu (Vice President, School of Management, Wuhan Institute of Technology), Professor Seok-won Chung (Professor, the Department of Chinese Studies, College of Languages and Cultures, Hanyang University, Korea), Professor Daniel Shek (Associate Vice President (Undergraduate Programme), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Professor Dennis K H Cheng (Chair Professor of Cultural History, the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong), Professor Ching-biu Tse (Professor, the Department of Marketing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Professor Yong Huang (Professor, the Department of Philosophy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Professor Jinhua Jia (Professor, the Department of Chinese Culture, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and Dr. K L Chan (Part-time Lecturer, Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University) shared their research insights gained from examining business ethics from the perspectives of philosophy, history, literatures, social institution and modernization.

Besides the external guests, we had five internal guests: Dr. John Yuen, Dr. Ivan H T Chen, Dr. W T Kwok, Dr. Tingting Xie and Mr. Jeffrey S Y Siu, from the Department of Chinese, the Department of Marketing and the School of Translation respectively, delivering presentations of their research papers. It was a precious opportunity of academic exchange and of promoting the research of business ethics in relation to business development. Dr. Felix Tang (Director, Research Institute for Business) representing the Organizing Committee, concluded the meaningful event by wishing the guests continuous successes in research and looking forward to similar events in the near future.