Junzi Corporation Survey 2018 – Pledging Ceremony cum Training Workshop

Junzi Corporation Survey 2018’s Pledging Ceremony cum Training Workshop was successful held on 24 May 2018. The event was co-organized by the Marketing Society and the Research Institute for Business.

In the Pledging Ceremony, Dr Felix Tang and Mr Sunny Chan, member of the project’s Survey Task Force, and Ms Sin-ling Kong, HSMC’s student and former Junzi interviewer, were invited to introduce the project and to share their experience with the enrolled student helpers who are going to conduct face-to-face interviews in different areas of Hong Kong and phone interviews in the CATI Centre. There will be more than 50 interviewers taking part in the three-month Junzi Corporation Survey starting from June. The data collected will go through rigorous academic analysis, in order to identify fairly and objectively the “Junzi Corporations” in the eyes of Hong Kong public.

Dr Tang introduced the concept of “Junzi Corporations” that features corporations with high business ethics. “Junzi Corporations” accept their social responsibilities and contribute to Hong Kong society while maximizing profits. Mr Chan then gave advice on how to engage successfully the public members in the interviews. Joining Dr Tang and Mr Chan in a discussion, Ms Kong shared her rewarding experience in interviewing people on the street and in the shopping malls.  With the Junzi Corporation Survey stepping into the eighth year, they encouraged the participants to take up the torch of the College’s devotion to promoting the noble conception of “Junzi Corporations”. And to show their determination, participants took the oath to maintain a rigor and professional attitude to advocate the “Junzi virtues” during the Junzi Corporation Survey.

Following the Pledging Ceremony, Mr Calvin Lam, RIB’s Research Assistant, explained about the questionnaires and data collection processes and discussed the required interview skills in the Training Workshop. Participants were attentive in the workshop and many of them took notes. With such an enthusiastic support from the participants, we are confident that the survey will be completed successfully. The result of the Survey will be announced in the last quarter of this year.

For details about the project, Junzi Corporation Survey, please visit the website, http://junzi.hsmc.edu.hk/.