Book Talk on 真.君子商贏之道

The Library and Research Institute for Business co-organized two Book Talks on 19 and 20 April 2018 to discuss the Junzi Corporation Project and the book “真.君子商贏之道” co-published by HSMC and Ming Pao recently.

We were much honoured to have some of the book authors to introduce the book content and share the reasons why many staff members and students were willing to spend time and effort to prepare a new book about business ethics and Junzi Corporation Survey in the past eighteen months. The guests included Professor Ip Po-keung (Former Distinguished Professor of the Graduate Institute of Philosophy of National Central University, Taiwan),  Dr. Felix Tang, Dr. Ting-ting Xie, Dr. Yam-wing Siu and Dr. Kaz Kwok. Besides the insights about business ethics gained during the corporate interviews, the authors shared the importance of the concept of “Junzi” and its five virtues in today’s business as well as some interesting stories happened during the preparation of the book.

During the book talks, participants enjoyed the sharing and were interested to know more about the project of Junzi Corporation Survey and its development since 2011. The authors stressed that the project would continue to research and promote business ethics in Hong Kong and the book publication was an encouraging achievement that exhibits its significance.

For details about the Junzi Corporation Survey, please visit:

Interested parties can purchase the new book at Communications and Public Affairs Office (CPAO) or major book stores in Hong Kong.


Speakers shared their wonderful insights about business ethics

Participants took initiative to ask question during the book talk


Participants have a lively discussion with the speakers