Research Method Workshop Series 2018 (I): Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics and Eastern Culture

On 7 Feb 2018, Research Institute for Business (RIB) was honored to have Professor Ip Po-keung as the speaker of seminar named “Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics and Eastern Culture”. Professor Ip is a Former Distinguished Professor of the Graduate Institute of Philosophy of National Central University, Taiwan. In the seminar, Professor Ip shared his wonderful insights into business ethics by using many examples to illustrate how ancient Chinese businessmen operated their business in views of ‘信’, ‘義’ and ‘利’ and how modern business leaders passed the value of virtues to employees. As a conclusion, he emphasized the importance of Confucian virtues in business education and the complement of virtues and rules in business operations.

The workshop attracted staff from various departments, including School of Business, Department of Chinese, and Department of Supply Chain and Information Management. Participants were eager to share and discuss their views in a relaxing atmosphere.

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