Research Method Workshop Series 2017 (V): Case Study as a Methodology

On 15 Dec 2017, Case Centre for Business Education (CCBE) and Research Institute for Business (RIB) were honored to have Dr. Thomas Leung, Associate Dean of the School of Business, as the speaker of our research workshop with the topic of “Case Study as a Methodology”. In the workshop, Dr. Leung shared his expert insights into case study, from definition, tactics for quality assurance, to research design. Dr. Leung used many examples to illustrate how case-study can be a research methodology. As a conclusion, he explained that case-study, though is a long process, is worthy of continued effort considering the benefits and amount of information produced. 

The workshop attracted staff from various departments, including School of Business, School of Communication, Library, and Information Technology Services Centre. Participants were eager to share and discuss their views in a delightful atmosphere.