Sona Systems Training Workshops 2017

On 14th December 2017, Research Institute for Business (RIB) held a workshop on Sona Systems for all our academic staff. Sona Systems is a newly acquired application to facilitate human-subject research. The seminar attracted several participants from the Department of Marketing, the Department of Social Science, the School of Communication etc.

Mr. Calvin Lam, RIB’s Research Assistant, introduced an array of key functions of Sona Systems that could assist researchers to manage studies and participants. Functions include pre-screening that allows researchers to specify requirements and identify eligible participants for study based on some basic information collected from the participants; studies management by which researchers can create studies, invite participants, open timeslots and manage the progress; and participant management that keeps researchers informed about the enrolment of participants so that necessary action can be taken promptly. Mr. Lam demonstrated the friendly user-interface of Sona through different examples.

Throughout the workshop, the participants were engaged to learn how to use Sona under the step-by-step guidance. From requesting account, answering pre-screen questionnaire, adding studies to checking enrolments, the participants raised questions during the try-out. Overall, we have received a positive feedback from the participants regarding the workshop.

If you like to know more about the Sona Systems and how it can facilitate your research involving human-subject, please visit RIB website here. You will find the powerpoint presentation of the workshop and the link to the Sona site.

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