Seminar – “A Guide to Getting Published”

On 5 December 2017, the Library and Research Institute for Business co-organized a seminar, “A Guide to Getting Published”, for all our academic staff. The seminar attracted a number of participants from the Department of Marketing, the Department of Economics and Finance and the School of Communication etc.

We were delighted to have Ms. Julie Lin, Publisher, and Ms. Han-wen Cheng, Account Management Executive, from Emerald Publishing that is one of the international scholarly publishers, to share tips on getting academic works published on international journals. In the seminar, Julie shared about the importance of developing a personal publication strategy, useful tips on working with editors during the review process, and how authors can improve and promote their academic papers. At the end of the seminar, Julie encouraged the participants not to give up on writing or revising journal articles as a reply of requesting revision is in fact a piece of good news about getting the paper published. 

Participants have given us positive feedback about the seminar. We look forward to more exchanges with the scholarly publishers in the near future.